our natural field of research

At least half of our current production is dedicated to the organic product. A value destined to rise further on every year because we have always firmly believed in this vocation: not only the future is organic, the present still is. It is the new frontier of the market. Far more, the new frontier of nutrition. At least half of the owned fields are grown in compliance with organic farming method and dedicated to the development of special projects for our customers. Absolute quality, pureness and genuineness are the real added value of Vignola excellence.

Watch one of our rice fields.
Every day, changes, evolves, lives, of course

day by day, grain after grain

The love which comes from the family tradition is at the base of the line of Vignola organic product. A continuous research combined with those ancient values and the most effective production techniques is able to guarantee a product special in his uniqueness. Moreover whole production cycle is held in conformity to the strict requirements of organic farming.

guaranteed traceability

We strictly control each stage of the productive process: we want to be sure one hundred per cent about the absolute traceability of each of our grains.

rules and regulations respect

Every single farmer signs with us a specific agreement for each batch of production: a further guaranty of quality and seriousness.

strict controls

Each step is rigorously checked and controlled to guarantee quality, authenticity and regulatory compliance.

information to the consumer

The continuous dialogue with the consumer is the most effective mean to increase the organic culture and to always offer a better product.

guaranty of goodness without gmo

We have always believed in traditional methods and in the value of rice as an excellent raw material. We protect this excellent product from manipulation ensuring our product to be no GMO, this is the secret of the genuine taste of our rice.

health and nutrition at the first place

There are tons of incredible benefits in eating organic food: first of all it giving the organism a correct and balanced contribution of nutrients: 100% pure nature.


The organic quality we can rely on

There is no organic product without a relationship of confidence and there is no confidence without clear and precise rules. This is why we carefully select our partners and, for this, we have created a team of producers who guarantees us the respect for the strictest regulations of the organic agriculture every year. At the beginning of every productive cycle, we agree with each of them a cultivation plan, that will have to be respected as a whole and that is repeatedly controlled both by the certification bodies and by experienced Vignola technicians.


organic, the selection starts from the fields

The real quality starts from an accurate selection of the most suitable soils and areas for seeding and growing the different rice varieties in compliance with the organic farming method. Every field - both the ones we own and those of farmers we work with– is identified according to the type of production it will be destined, analysed in its composition and followed during all the stages of the later cultivation by a specific structure consisting of experienced agronomist. A guaranty of genuineness since the roots of nutrition.


guaranteed quality


Bioagricert is the European Body for Control and Certification identified by IT BIO 007 code . A body that controls and checks the respect of the organic regulations and of the quality of all the companies concerning production, preparation and marketing of products obtained by organic farming. Vignola is guaranteed and certified quality.


Only the products respecting the strictest requirements provided by the EU regulations can bear the European Organic logo. Regulations constantly updated to guarantee that every organic product that comes to the consumers’ table is the highest expression of quality.


The real quality, the passion for the well-done job and the attention for the wellness and health of consumers have no limits and they do not limit us to go further. For this reason Vignola in addition to national and European certification is able to guarantee the respect of the strictest international rules, in compliance with the organic standards of Switzerland, USA and Brazil. (BIO SUISSE, NOP USDA, IDB)

rice, grains and pulses

nature in every grain

Complying with nature, following the precepts of the real organic agriculture means welcoming, loving and providing the consumers all the extraordinary variety that nature itself offers. Since every variety has got unique values. For this reason Vignola has always brought to the consumers’ table products able of satisfying any need of healthy and balanced food and enriching any recipe with the authentic taste of nature. Any variety of rice, made in Italy and in the world, but also grains, from wheat to spelt, from barley to cous cous and many other products, such as pulses: green and yellow split peas, chickpeas … complete lines and, most of all, guaranteed by a higher quality, so that the most prestigious baby food companies choose our products to offer their most important “customers” – kids – all the nature in its purest essence.