since 1880

Italian quality in the world

There’s a long history at the basis of Vignola quality. A history of passion and values. The tradition of a family who has supported nature to draw the best for five generations. Everything began in 1880, when Giovanni Vignola undertook, in an ancient mill, the processing of rice and grains, typical products of the Po Valley.

Since then, through generations, the family has specialized in the refining process of rice, transforming that ancient mill in an always bigger and more structured company. Actually there is a constant in Vignola history: innovation, the attention to everything that goes beyond, that never-ending boost to be the first to create, to research, to always aim at excellence. It is not by chance that Vignola was one of the first to pack rice in cardboard box, when everybody still sold it by measure: it was in 1971. In the Eighties, he was one of the first, to adopt the vacuum packaging system, actually revolutionizing the international market of rice.

Today, Giovanni Vignola, fifth descendant of the “first” Giovanni, manages a state-of-the-art company in the Italian and global sector. A reality that joins the authentic tradition to the most advanced production techniques to offer great rice, grains and pulses, that make the difference on the market, but most of all on the table of millions of consumers all over the world.


we take satisfaction in a well done job


We have always loved our work. Whether it is new eateries trends or the return of ancient grains, we like being the first to hear about it


Fairness, professional ethics and strict reliability without compromises are the basis of each relation towards us, our producers and customers.


Our history is much more than a basis: it is the force leading and boosting us to do thing right. Exactly like once.


All the productive phases are planned to each customer’s measure. A direct and personalized relation, from the fields to the shelves.


The excellence of our products comes from the research and selection of the best varieties grown in Italy and in the world.


The secret of the most authentic quality is respect: the attention to the environment, to the pureness of the product and the consumer’s wellness.


pursuit of perfection

Matching the traditional production stages to the most advanced technologies. This is Vignola philosophy: only in this way we can aim to perfection. It’s a precise choice, because we want to never stop, do the best and offer our customers a product greater in everything.


Every grain is rigorously checked to guarantee quality and authenticity. Qualified technicians strictly control and analyse the incoming paddy and raw materials.


Husking, calibration, traditional rice processing and water polishing: we preserve the freshness and natural fragrance of the products at every stage.


After all the processing stages, our products are carefully selected by advanced optical machineries able to detect possible imperfections in each grain.


The single batches of products are stored before and after the polishing in dedicated cells: no more than one batch for each cell, this is the only way to guaranty and certify total genuineness and traceability.


Twenty lines, equipped with the most advanced technologies for vacuum sealing or modified atmosphere packing, allowing each costumer to customize the products according to the need.


From temperature-controlled warehouse products are delivered to customers everywhere everyday: a customized, accurate and on time system. Because excellence is also in the service.


always one step ahead

Vignola quality comes from a precious family’s virtue: the courage of growing through originality and innovation. We are never tired of learning, discovering and trying out. It is a natural instinct which leads us to explore the world, looking for spurs and always new ideas, to offer our customers the best quality. We like being always the first to do that.

renewable sources

Our plant is equipped with an important photovoltaic system for the production of clean energy to support the productive cycle. Just an example of our commitment to the future.

research and controls

We know each grain of our products: constant monitoring guarantees the respect of the highest quality standards. A continuous research allows us to make them higher and higher, day after day.


The preservation of the products is guaranteed by the most advanced systems and technologies and by a continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, of the environmental conditions of the storage cells.


Automation is fundamental, but that’s not all. Making innovations also means guaranteeing a total flexibility at each customer’s service. And we get it only with the maximum organisation.


The complete automation of the productive processes allows us to offer to each customer all the required product, according to the specific needs of variety and packaging, in any moment.


Quality can’t be made up. On the ground competences and experiences acquired over the years and from generation to generation are the basis of our technological evolution.

our company in numbers

values built grain by grain

  • 70000

    sq. meters

    Of company

  • 1


    of clean energy from
    renewable sources

  • 1400


    of owned fields

  • 4


    Of grains controlled
    per minute

  • 125


    for the produc

  • 50


    Kilos products
    per year

  • 3

    robotic platforms

    for product

  • 20


    of automatized