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Excellence goes far beyond the product.
Vignola philosophy is based on an unescapable thesis: to each customer his “own” product. Should it be rice, grains or pulses, each Vignola product is ready to satisfy the customer’s needs with the required quality, in the desired ways, in the wanted packaging. This is the reason why, besides creating dedicated and strictly traceable supply chains from the field to the table, we have a huge storage capability and different packing lines. Despite the most advanced automation of the entire productive process, we are still using a high number of operators and co-operators: because only in this way we are able to guarantee the highest flexibility, offering to each customer a completely custom-made service.

dedicated supply chains

total quality, from the field to the table

business services

sedicated to those who create value

our brand

Vignola quality is recognized and appreciated everywhere in the world: from the single shop to the biggest retailer chains entrust to our brand as symbol of “Made in Italy” excellence.

private labels

The most important companies and big distributors chose Vignola rice to be packed with their private label. We supply to each of them the best varieties, according to their specific needs of size and packaging and their customers’ requirements.

Prestigious restaurants chose our products: a specific variety for every kind of recipe. Our sushi rice is the first-choice of the most important European chains of Japanese catering.

food industry

Vignola rice, grains and pulses are chosen as ingredient by important brands of the international food industry, for the preparation of their food products.

baby food

Manic controls on the product pureness, from the land to the single grain. This is why our rice is among the selected by the baby food companies.

pet food

All Vignola quality is also in our pet food line. A kind of rice sold in single unit pack or supplied as bulk to the main international pet food companies.

custom-made packaging

the right packaging for every need

From the vacuum box to the modified atmosphere pack, from the boiling bag to the big bag and many other solutions. Vignola guarantees a completely customized packaging service for each customer: the most different type of packaging in terms of weight, shape and material to satisfy every requirement of distribution, display and enhancement of the product.

  • Vacuum in
    carton box

    250 g
    500 g
    1 kg
  • Modified atmosphere
    cellophane pack

    250 g
    500 g
    1 kg
  • Vacuum
    sealed pack

    1 kg
    5 kg
    10 kg
  • Boiling

    4 x 125 g
    8 x 125 g
    5 x 200 g
  • paper

    5 kg
    10 kg
    20 kg
  • poly bag
    and big bag

    from 20 kg
    to 1,2 t
global logistics

our efficiency at your disposal

Vignola excellence guaranteed the highest quality from the field to the table, passing through the selection the production, from the storage to the packaging till the distribution. Our logistics service offers an operative efficiency with no compromises, assuring timeliness of delivery and optimization of the costs on the entire Italian and international territory, with regular, safe and guaranteed deliveries.

guaranteed traceability

from the field to the table

We know our rice grain by grain. Vignola rice passes from the field to the table following a production flow strictly traced. This is why from every single pack, wherever you buy it, it is possible to go back immediately to the farmer that has grown that rice. What more could you ask for?