Riso Vignola, helping PULMINO AMICO

This year, the Riso Vignola commitment to the social sector is focused on the Pulmino Amico non-profit organization in Casale Monferrato, which deals with the transportation of people having to undergo specialist visits, diagnosis and treatment at the Health Facilities in Casale Monferrato and province. 
By choosing Vignola products, you too can contribute to the purchase of a new van that will be donated to the organization.
The Pulmino Amico organization was created within the Oncology department of the Santo Spirito Hospital to help families which often have to deal with difficult and complex routes to access the oncology diagnosis and treatment facilities. 
This transportation takes place thanks to volunteers and is free of charge, reminding us every day of the fundamental role of generosity and solidarity. 
For more information on the history, aims and purposes of the Pulmino Amico organization, please visit the website www.associazionepulminoamico.it