a unique model in the world

Can we improve the excellence?
Yes, we can. We do it without limits and with everyday innovations, combining tradition with bold ideas and cutting-edge technology. So did Giovanni Vignola, testing and applying for the first time on organic rice farming the mulching seeding system. Results are amazing: more quality, authenticity and purity for a rice that definitely exceeds all expectations while respecting the environment. This leads to an absolute excellence:
Vignola Organic Rice.


an innovative system

field preparation

The soil is fertilized dry only once in order to achieve considerable organic fertilizers savings. At a later time, a mulching machine lays down and pierces the mulch films to sow the seeds

broadcast seeding

The single seed is placed in the appropriate space. This new technique provides remarkable benefits but requires a great accuracy. First of all, we use less seeds. Seedlings are smaller in number but that’s why they grow stronger and healthier, producing more grains and achieving the maximum yield and a high quality of organic rice.

weeds control

Mulching seeding system allows us to avoid the use of herbicides. Mulch films prevent weeds grow around the rice. Weeds between mulch films are kept under control with the use of brushcutters before irrigation.

Irrigation without waste

Mulching seeding system allows us to preserve and use soil moisture naturally, saving water that could be used for others cultivations, and reducing the time rice is floated.

a better ventilation

A greater distance between plants, compared with the previous growing, allow a better ventilation, drastically reducing molds and fungi growth, in order to obtain a healthy and genuine final product

It’s harvest time

Biodegradable mulch films, that have preserved the seedlings naturally, are completely dissolved. Now the crop can be harvested. Paddy is analyzed and controlled by specialized technicians before being sent to milling department to be stored, polished and packed.


an absolute excellence


a distinctive sign for an exclusive product

The main purpose of the new brand is both to provide visibility on the project and make people know rice varieties grown with this innovative technique, which improves rice quality, respects the environment and provides a greater environmental sustainability.